Succeeding Under Pressure According to TV Host, Chloe Wilde

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The thing about Monday Girls is that they never do just one thing. From running multiple businesses to juggling 2-3 side hustles, you’ll find no shortage of passion around here. Chloe Wilde is no different. In fact, she’s the quintessential Monday Girl. We couldn’t not have her speak at our Future is Female event last year!

Founder of health and wellness platform, Healthy is Hot, etalk TV host, and Instagram influencer, Chloe does it all. A red carpet veteran and expert conversationalist, she’s interviewed everyone from Daniel Radcliffe to 50 Cent all while making it look so easy. Not sure about you, but simply trying not to spill coffee on ourselves daily is hard enough. Lucky for us, Chloe shared her secrets to managing tough schedules, keeping it altogether, and mastering the art of being smooth. Read on for her reveal-all:

A huge part of your job is to think fast on your feet and make everything look effortless even if it’s not. What’s your secret to killing it in front of the camera or succeeding in really high pressure situations? Do you have any techniques you’ve learned over time?

The best thing I've ever done for my career was enrol in improv classes at Second City right here in Toronto. Level A was so impactful and eye-opening that I ended up completing level B right afterwards. Will you ever see me on stage doing a show? Definitely not. But the best part of those classes was that it was filled with people from different industries, from business to entertainment, with the common goal of being comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

The beauty of improv is that the biggest message they drive home is the concept of "yes, and..." which can be applied to almost all high pressure situations. No matter what, you are given something, and with improv I found the confidence within myself to be able to take that something and turn it into something else. No matter what is thrown your way, just "yes, and..." it. 

In addition to developing that inner confidence (which is still a work in process), I'm a big fan of preparation. The more you prepare, the better suited you are to handle the curveballs, and that goes for knowing your stuff but also mentally preparing and visualizing how you want something to go. And when all else fails and the pressure is creeping up and taking over, take a few deep breaths and fake it till you make it. 

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Not only are you an eTalk host, but you travel a lot! You’re an influencer, and you also launched your own brand, Healthy is Hot. How do you manage your time and balance everything? Planning apps? Assistants? Rigorous scheduling? We’d love to know!

Balance is something I'm asked about quite a bit, and I wish I could tell you I have it all figured out and have discovered the secret sauce to doing it all. In reality, organized chaos is more my vibe. And I am a-ok with that. Personally, I feel at ease with the chaos when it's organized and when I prioritize Healthy Is Hot moments. Each week I digitize my schedule, compiling the various elements into one document and then I go old-school and grab a pen and paper and write out what each day looks like, from work commitments, to passion projects, to fitness moments.

Once the entire week is laid out, I take a step back and re-evaluate if it's achievable or might result in a sense of overwhelming stress. Sometimes that means cancelling plans so that I can have a night in with tea and a book. Over the years I've discovered that I love to say yes to everything, but simply do not have the energy to fulfill each yes. Learning what my emotional and energy limits are have been instrumental in managing my time and life.

With Healthy Is Hot, I'm proud and lucky to say that I have an incredible team that support HIH and our community to ensure the best of the best makes it onto the website and is shared on our IG page (@healthyishot). Delegation and having a passionate team supporting me has made this wild rollercoaster ride possible. 

You got your start winning the Much VJ competition. How do you stand out in a crowd and do you have any advice for Monday Girls wanting to follow a similar path in media?

The most important thing, is to always be your most authentic self! There's only one you, and that's pretty special. So when you go for what you want, whether it's a career in media or starting a masters program in business, let that inner fire inside you shine bright and don't let anyone diminish it. 

Chloe speaking at out Future is Female Event May 2018

Chloe speaking at out Future is Female Event May 2018


Workout of choice: HIIT (currently loving F45 and my 1:1 sessions with Kyle at SWAT Health

First thing you consume in the morning: Long espresso with a splash of cream 

Favourite Toronto restaurant: Pizza Libretto (their mushroom pizza is to die for)

Proudest moment: Hosting our first Healthy Is Hot event in 2018 

Wanna learn more about Chloe? Follow her on Instagram here and stay updated to Healthy is Hot here.

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