How Hollywood's Favourite Event Planner, Melissa Andre, Does Mondays

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She’s Drake and The Weeknd’s go-to birthday planner. Her client list has more wow-factor than Cirque du Soleil (Instagram, Dior, and Google to name a few). And one time she built a road so that Deadmau5 could get married in an untouched forest (you haaave to hear the story).

Specializing in art direction and event design/production, Melissa Andre is a mastermind when it comes to events (just scroll through her Instagram for a taste). She’s known for her signature immaculately over-the-top installations and jaw dropping themes, but she also is a business owner servicing Toronto, LA, Miami and New York with her gorgeous Bloom Boxes.

If you were at our Future is Female event where Melissa was our keynote, you know how incredibly passionate Melissa is about what she does. But we wanted to chat further with Melissa—find out how she thinks and where she stops for a bite when she’s back in Toronto. I mean, how does a woman who can literally make giant hot air balloons and fake clouds hang from ceilings spend her Mondays? We had to ask…




You’ve said before that one of the reasons you started your own events company was because you kept seeing the same ideas produced over and over again. In the beginning, how were you able to change people’s minds or make them see what you were seeing? 

If you're providing a better idea than what your client has, it's very easy to change people's minds. I am servicing them by giving them my advice. I am not trying to change their mind or their outlook on my behalf, it's mutually beneficial. I get to produce the work that I want to produce and they get a more beautiful product as well as a better service in process because its not a regurgitation of what already exists.

Do you have a favourite client? What was one of the most memorable events you’ve done in the past?

Victoria Beckham because she's the most chic person in the world and it's so flattering to work with her. I also love being an Entertaining Expert for brands such as Google and Stella Artois. It's something I really enjoy because I get to meet people that I may never get a chance to meet at one of my projects or installations. It opens me up to a broader audience considering my events are only for show to so many people. They usually have a guest list of 100 high profile people and only those people will get to experience it. I also find myself being more present in these environments because events are so much more work and high stress. It's hard to appreciate what's happening until after the event because so much is going on. 


After having such huge success designing, creative directing, and planning, you decided to expand your business into offering the oh-so elegant Melissa Andre Blooms. What was the biggest challenge of launching the product side of your company?

Definitely distribution. Being available in a lot of the places at the same exact time as opposed to an event I produce that is just here, right now in one moment. Service wise - it's like having thousands of clients instead of one. All those clients have different needs they require so our blooms, desk accessories lines, and all the other products we are working on are available to such a broader market. There is a lot more to keep in mind as I am designing for this market than when I design for one client. 

Here at Monday Girl, Monday is of course our favourite day of the week. So what does a typical Monday look like for you?

Monday is the only day out of the week that I don't work out considering it's the busiest day of the week in our office. I like to start early and stay late to set myself up for the rest of the week. I really try not to do any business meetings on Mondays if I can. It's an important day for us because we are responding back to clients that may have not heard from us over the weekend because we were busy producing events over the weekend. Also, Monday's we try to get organized  for the week especially because by the end of the week we are usually out of office and on-site for events.



Zodiac sign: Virgo

Event decor trend you’re so over: All of them, I hate event trends

Go-to restaurant in Toronto: La Carnita 

Favourite travel destination: Paris 

The beauty product I purchase over and over:  RMS Beauty Oil and as of recently Arrive Skin Boost

Want to learn more about Melissa? Follow her on Instagram here or keep up with her site here.

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