Catching Up With Serial Entrepreneur, Erin Kleinberg

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If there’s anyone who knows about turning a passion into a business, it’s Erin Kleinberg. Her clothing line and namesake collection, has been sold in over 80 retailers including Holt Renfrew and Saks. She transformed a curiosity for exploring celebrity closets into the massive platform that is COVETEUR today. And now she’s busy helping brands reach cult status with her newest company, Métier Creative. With offices in Toronto and New York, the all-female team specializes in producing disruptive and refreshing campaigns designed for their clients (La Mer, OUAI, and Dior just to make a few) to get people screenshotting.

Impressive resume—but Erin doesn’t stop there. She’s a mom, interior design connoisseur (you should see her Toronto home and office tours) and past Monday Girl keynote speaker! We recently caught up with Erin to catch a glimpse of how she does it all. From transitioning businesses to Netflix guilty pleasures, take a peak into the world of Erin Kleinberg here:

Erin Kleinberg speaking at our Future is Female Event last year

Erin Kleinberg speaking at our Future is Female Event last year

Handing over the reigns of your baby at coveteur and making the switch to building entirely new business at Métier Creative must have been hard. What was that transition like and what advice might you give to any woman switching careers or changing directions? 

It's really important to trust your instinct. When Stacie and I initially dreamed up what is now Métier, we had this light bulb moment of combining everything we learned on the publishing side, with the branding side. We saw an opportunity that we could own and kind of just ran with it! Running a business is an emotional rollercoaster, so just be ready to take the highs with the lows!

They say business partners are like marriages. How did you meet Stacie Brockman, your business partner for Metier Creative, and what kind of relationship do you guys have? Any advice for new business partners?

Stacie and I had always known each other but we really started working together through Coveteur. She was the first intern-turned-employee-turned-Managing Editor! We clicked pretty instantaneously and the rest is history! When it comes to advice for new business partners, I think it’s so important to each have your own ‘métier’! Being able to compliment each other and bring a different skillset to the table is how the magic is made. The yin to the yang! 


 With a jaw dropping client list that includes Dior, Estee Lauder, and Tiffany & Co. on it, it’s safe to say you’re an expert in refreshing brands and marketing success. What do you think is the key for a brand to stay relevant and stand out in a sea of brands?

Creating that special sauce, as I like to call it, is what really allows a brand to tell their story in a bespoke, unique way. We like to create a unique prescription for each brand and we understand that no two brands are the same. Trying to replicate what X brand has done in the past, with X influencer is what we’re trying to avoid. We want to veer off from the copycat model and craft stories that are truly disruptive, social first, and deep rooted in serving that specific community the brand trying to cultivate. 

You’re a mom. You’ve started three successful companies. You’re constantly on the go. What does a typical Monday morning (we had to) look like for you now?

There is no such thing as typical when you’re a wife/mom/CEO! Each day is completely different. Most mornings are spent with my daughter Parker, and hubby followed by lots of hustling at our Toronto office, alongside the Métielves! Other days, I’m in-flight, travelling with clients or in production making dope custom content!

Rapid Fire:

Nyc or Toronto? Both:) 

Go-To Toronto Restaurant: La Palma/Yamato/Enoteca Sociale

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Netflix Guilty Pleasure: Friends from College, Fyre Fest on repeat, Dirty John

The last thing you listened to: The Sing soundtrack on repeat 24/7 with my daughter Parker.

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