The Best Cafe's In Toronto According to Monday Girls

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Monday Girl is overflowing with freelancers, side-hustlers, and passionate business owners. While our group is made up of so many diverse young professional women with unique backgrounds across multiple industries, one thing we know we all have in common? It’s probably coffee. So when we started tiring of our usual Starbucks, we asked the community their recommendations for the coolest, most reliable, Instagrammable and guaranteed good coffee shops and cafes in Toronto. Here’s your guide to getting caffeinated in the city:

Best Toronto cafe’s for banging out your emails:

Quieter places with ample seating and of course, great coffee.


Located at Bloor and Ossington, this Toronto cafe serves a mean selection of baked goods and offers great wifi.

Strange Love Queen West

An unassuming cafe that doubles as a tattoo shop. It’s quiet, has lots of seating, and the ambience is nothing like any other cafe in the city (including other Strange Love locations).

Hale Coffee

An artsy and industrial coffeeshop tucked away in the Junction next to Mint Studios (if you’re looking for a photographer, you’ll probably find one editing photos here).

Page One

Located behind Ryerson, Page One is a quiet local favourite that also does a great cocktail (for the times when you really need a drink to tackle your inbox).

Best Toronto Cafe’s for catching up with a friend

You won’t have to worry about being too loud or chatty at these Instagrammable ones.

Sud Forno

When you want good coffee AND a good meal, Sud Forno is a great choice. It caters to chatty young professionals and always has more seating then Dineen across the street.

Copenhagen Cafe

A vegan cafe inspired by Denmark’s capitol. Danish treats and classy decor…what’s not to love?

Hannah’s Cafe

Located across from High Park, Hannah’s is an underrated gem of a cafe that serves the best paleo cookies!

Himalayan Java

This unique and underrated cafe does incredibly impressive latte art that will delight you and your friends as you catch up!


Avocado toast and Instagram certified.

Dineen Outpost

A blogger favourite and spinoff of the incredibly popular always-packed Dineen (has anyone actually ever sat at the OG Dineen?!).

Versus Coffee

This cheerful coffee shop is brightly lit and is known for their colourful lattes. Great spot when you’re catching up with a girlfriend!

Best Toronto Cafe’s for grabbing a good coffee to-go

These guys are ALWAYS packed and you’ll rarely find a good seat but the coffee is just too good to ignore.


Designed for takeaway coffee, this newly opened joint on Dundas is the perfect spot to grab a latte and homemade scone (and a quick Insta banger).

Jimmy’s Coffee

With arguably one of the best Americanos in the city, this busy cafe has multiple locations in the coolest neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Mos Mos

A PATH cult classic with no seating but a guaranteed good caffeine fix when you’re on-the-go down town.

Little Nicky’s

With minimal seating and a darker ambience, Little Nicky’s is definitely a better option for grabbing a great coffee to-go when you need that afternoon pick-me-up.

Best Toronto Cafe’s for a business meeting

Alternative Cafe

With a central location right off Spadina, Alternative is a great alternative (i see what you did there) for a quick coffee chat when you need a reliable place.


Located in the Financial District, Maman is a corporate favourite. Get right down to business in this darling coffee shop (the sweet treats are great and the cups are too cute!). There’s tons of seating both inside and out as well.

Did we miss any great cafes? Let us know your favourites @mondaygirlto!