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In between sips of coffee and bites of slightly burnt toast (let’s be real), there’s something so calming about reading our favourite blogs, magazines, and newspaper clippings before work in the morning. Having that little moment to yourself to read up all on the latest and juicy crypto currency gossip or very serious debate on the celery juice trend, is one thing we do love about our morning routines. It’s also nice to be informed and armed with dinner conversation topics for later. 

This week we’ve decided to round up and share some of the best posts, buzz-worthy pieces, and thought provoking articles we read this week. Here’s what got us talking:

Why does it feel like everyone has more money than you?

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Finally someone said it. We love the fascinating piece Harper’s Bazaar published on opening up the dialogue around money, privilege, and success. In a world where Instagram is probably the first thing you see when you wake up, it’s nearly impossible to resist envy or resentment towards the international vacations, boutique fitness classes, impeccable wardrobes, and mid-century modern furniture that seem to fill everyone’s lives but YOURS. 

This article gets down and real about racial privilege, wealth inequality, and unrealistic expectations. It asks the questions many of us have wondered: “how does anyone start their own company or buy a home, much less travel to Fiji, in a time of crushing student debt, when the job market is shifting at an out-of-control rate into a soulless gig economy…?” It also dissects social attitudes towards how getting financial help (from family for example) is ‘somehow cheating’ and the implications of this.  

No matter what your financial situation is, this article is a must read and majorly important conversation to start having.

How to Market Your Business on a $0 Budget

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From social media managers, SEO boosters, email marketing helping hands, campaign tracking, and content creation supports, Girl Boss has managed to round up 51 of the most helpful tools and resources for starting, marketing, and managing a business. The best part though? All of these tools are completely free! Hello, thank you, yes! 

Best New Toronto Restaurants 2019

Image: Toronto Life

Image: Toronto Life

Looking for a new dinner date spot? Toronto Life brings us 15 of the best newly opened (or re-opened) restaurants that we can’t wait to check out! From Alobar (yes Patrick Kriss just opened a new Alo spinoff restaurant!) to Giulietta (our mouths are already watering for the reginelle pappardelle with slow-cooked oxtail rage and breadcrumbs), our reservation plans will be fully set for the next 6 months!

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