The Card To Match Your Millennial Lifestyle

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It’s finally here - a credit card geared towards Millennials and we're definitely not mad about it. Imagine getting points on the amount of lattes you consume weekly. What about getting rewarded for your HelloFresh order this week or your monthly Netflix subscription (if that's not multitasking, we don't know what is)? Welcome to a more rewarding lifestyle with Brim Financial. Brim is the only non-bank* in Canada licensed by Mastercard to issues credit cards and the perks are so good, we secretly call it the 'Monday Girl' card!

Check out a few of our favourite things about this swanky new card:

  • Earn unlimited and uncapped points in the Brim Marketplace, plus redeem your points a.n.y. t.i.m.e. on everything from travel to your favourite restaurants, concerts and groceries – or simply as cash back towards your statement. Frequent purchases at Uber Eats? Now, you’re rewarded with more points the more you order. That's loyalty at its finest.

  • 0% foreign transaction fees (an online shopper & travel girl's secret weapon).

  • Free global Wi-Fi at over 1 million Boingo hotspots around the world (yes, airports, trains and cafes) - connect for free even on a zero fee card!

  • The Brim app actually works with you to keep you on track with your own budget. Track your month-to-month spending to identify when you need to cut back and where you have a little leeway to shop. You can also set spending limits by category and the app will notify you when you're approaching your personal limit (AKA *ding*, you've been spending way too much at Zara).

  • Brim also puts us in control of our finances by building digitally embedded installment plans – right in the credit card. Now, you set up smaller monthly installment plans for big purchases like plane tickets or new furniture for your condo, within seconds in the app and portal. Plus, there are special offers in the Brim Marketplace, which allow you to install purchases at specific stores at 0% and no fee! Game changing.


Ready to get started? Monday Girls can get started with our exclusive promo code: MGIRL1 right here.

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This post was sponsored by Brim Financial. *Brim is the only non-bank, non-credit union, or non-crown corporation licensed credit card issuer in Canada.