OMG! We Went to High Tea with Maye Musk & Lisa Corbo

This Sunday, the Monday Girl team had the very unique and incredible opportunity to sit down over high tea with the amazing Lisa Corbo and Maye Musk to talk fashion, careers and social media!

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If you aren’t already familiar with these inspirational women, they've been breaking boundaries and paving their own paths to success for years. Lisa and Maye are not only fashion and beauty icons, but perfect portraits of leaders and career-driven women. These social media savvy ladies prove age ain’t nothin’ but a number, adapting to current technology and trends will work to your advantage and as Maye likes to say, they’re both #justgettingstarted.

With no sign of slowing down here's what you should know about these two leading ladies:

Lisa Corbo was drawn to fashion from a young age. After spending several years in Milan she moved to Toronto and opened her first boutique, George C, in Yorkville. She’s revolutionary because she sees all elements of the world through the lens of fashion and offers a unique shopping experience by constantly keeping an eye on market trends. She works hard to create and maintain relationships with her clients by styling their everything from their accessories to entire ensembles.

At 69 years old Maye Musk is the oldest model ever to be featured on CoverGirl Magazine. In addition to her five-decade long modelling career, she’s managed to channel her love of science into a career as a dietician and health and wellness speaker. To say she's optimistic and hardworking is an understatement, as a single mother she raised three extremely successful children and also made sure to make time for her own career ambitions.

 Monday Girl Exec Team #MargaretPlusGeorge

Monday Girl Exec Team #MargaretPlusGeorge

A few of our favourite takeaways from these inspiring ladies:

  •  Dress for yourself! Dressing up and wearing makeup can be empowering and improve self-confidence. When you look good, you feel good!
  • Try different things. Where we imagine ourselves to be 20 years from now, might not be where we end up. Seize every opportunity, and try everything that comes your way - you never know where it will take you.
  • You can’t consider yourself ever “done.” Building a career never really stops, we are always growing and changing. Just keep on pushing through. If you are open to change, life WILL change!
  • Give back. Give back and do it for yourself, without expecting something in return.

    Tonight, November 6, 2017, Lisa Corbo of the George C Boutique is hosting her 6th fashion event in support of cancer research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. To date, her events have raised over 1.2 million dollars for the cause.

    We’re so inspired by these amazing women and their career journeys!
Rachel Wong